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(ARCHIVE) How Do I Share an Adobe Connect Recording in Multiple Canvas Courses?

Instructions outlining options for sharing an Adobe Connect recording outside of a defined Canvas course group.

Can I convert a meeting room into a template?

Yes, if you are a host, you can create a meeting room template.

Downloading Adobe Connect Recordings

Instructions for downloading and converting Adobe Connect recordings into the MP4 format.

Is there 24/7 support for Adobe Connect?

Yes, 24/7 support is available for Adobe Connect.

What information is preserved in a template?

Layouts, pods, room information, and most types of content are preserved in the template. This excludes: Audio conference settings, Audio Setup wizard settings, and the content of a Chat pod.

What is a "meeting" in Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect™ Meeting is a live online conference for multiple users.

What is the Adobe Connect Add-in?

The add‑in is a special version of Flash Player with additional features for hosts and presenters.