What is a "meeting" in Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect™ Meeting is a live online conference for multiple users. The meeting room is an online application that you use to conduct a meeting. The meeting room consists of various display panels (pods) and components. There are several prebuilt meeting room layouts, or customize a layout to suit your needs. The meeting room lets meeting attendees share computer screens or files, chat, broadcast audio, and video, and participate in interactive online activities.

Once you create a meeting room, it exists until you delete it. The meeting room location is a URL, assigned by the system when the meeting is created. When you click the URL, you enter the virtual meeting room. A meeting room can be used over and over for the same weekly meeting. The host can leave the meeting room open or closed between scheduled meetings. If a meeting room is open between meetings, attendees are free to enter the room at any time to view content.

To take part in a meeting you must have a browser, a copy of Flash® Player 10 or higher, and an Internet connection. Your capabilities in a meeting depend on your assigned role and permissions.

About the Meetings library

The Meetings tab in Adobe Connect Central contains three panes for accessing meetings: Shared Meetings, User Meetings, and My Meetings. Each pane contains folders and files with meeting content and recordings. Users can create and manage content in the My Meetings pane that appears when they are logged in to Adobe Connect Central. You can determine access to content in the other panes by the meeting library permissions set for each user by the Adobe Connect Central administrator.

Content that you place in the Meetings library is available only for use in meetings. To make the content available for other activities initiated in Adobe Connect Central (such as events, seminars, or training), upload the content to the Content library. Alternatively, move content from the Meetings library to the Content library.


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