How can I create a custom URL in Adobe Connect?

When you add a piece of content, a new meeting, a new course or curriculum, a new seminar, or a new event, you can create a custom URL for the content. This URL is unique across the entire Adobe Connect account and identifies the content.

Adding a custom URL

Uneditable portion of URL set by your administrator


Customizable portion of URL


A custom URL can be used with one piece of content at a time. For example, if you assign the custom URL /yourname to a piece of content, you cannot assign that URL to another piece of content or to a meeting, nor can any other user who shares your account assign that URL to anything. If you delete the content that uses the custom URL, the custom URL becomes available for reuse.

If another user is currently using the custom URL, you receive an error message when you enter the URL. If you want to, you can check with your administrator to see who is using the URL.

Custom URL rules:

  • You cannot edit a custom URL after you create it.

  • You cannot use digits (0 - 9) at the beginning of a custom URL.

  • After the first character, the other characters can be alpha-numeric, an underscore, or a hyphen.

  • The URL can have maximum of 60 characters, including the two forward slashes (/) before and after the URL.

  • If you enter any uppercase letters, they are automatically converted to lowercase letters to conform to URL case sensitivity conventions.

  • Do not use any of the following reserved keywords in your custom URL:

account content idle report
acrobat course info sco
adobe cs input search
admin cs2 livecycle seminar
administration curriculum macromedia send
api data meeting service
app default metadata servlet
archive download monitor soap
breeze event open source
builder fcs output src
close flash photoshop stream
com gateway presenter systems
common go producer training
connect home public user
console hosted publish xml
defaultEventTemplate defaultMeetingTemplate defaultTrainingTemplate collaboration



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