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Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for creating and maintaining a technology environment that supports Dominican’s strategic direction and objectives.  Our goal is to provide a high-quality infrastructure, along with superior support services to enable our user community to utilize technologies for enhanced teaching, learning and administration.

Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) works with the university community to manage the university’s image, strengthen its brand and create compelling, consistent communications primarily for external audiences.

Our primary focus is supporting student recruitment, but we also work to support fundraising and to increase the overall reputation and awareness of the university.

Areas we oversee include:

Advertising - print, multimedia and digital website (not myDU)
Publicity and press releases
Brand development and enforcement
Print and online recruitment materials
Direct mail campaigns
Digital marketing including e-cards
Social media
Marketing photography and video production

Campus Safety

Dominican University is served by Dominican University Campus Safety Department, which is responsible for the reporting of all campus crimes and our compliance with the Student Right-To-Know Act and the Campus Security Act. Campus Safety, located in the north end of the first floor of the parking garage, is staffed by full-time professional security personnel and is augmented by student personnel. The officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day 365 days a year and have a central dispatch center that coordinates all emergency and non-emergency requests for service. The Campus Safety dispatch phone number is (708) 524-5999.

Physical Plant

Physical Plant is responsible for the repair, maintenance and operation of all buildings and grounds. Its staff keeps all operating systems in good repair and makes the campus a comfortable, safe and attractive place to learn, live, work and play.

Physical Plant's responsibilities include the following services: custodial, grounds, carpentry, painting, locks, HVAC, temperature control, elevator, sprinkler, plumbing, recycling and much more.

DUPAC/Event Services

Dominican University Performing Arts Center (DUPAC) presents artists and events that provoke thought, foster discourse and inspire action, providing a creative portal through which the community can connect to the university’s mission “to participate in the creation of a more just and humane world.”

Welcome & Information Desk

The Welcome & Information Desk is responsible for guest services such as issuing guest login accounts...

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services provides housekeeping and janitorial services for the university. These services include tasks such as general cleaning, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, disinfection, trash/recycling removal and furniture moves.