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A downloadable PDF of the IT policy manual
Star Cards are issued in the Support Center, Lewis 048.
Remote Applications
Permits from the 2016-2017 academic year expire on August 27, 2017. In partnership with Public Safety, requests for a parking permit are now being accepted online. Apply today!
Instructions for Dominican University students to be able to print from their personal mobile devices.
A downloadable PDF of the Information Security Policy
This article provides information on how to install and use the Zoom Scheduler for Outlook. This tool allows the user to schedule video and audio conferences from with Outlook.
A brief guide on how to join a Zoom meeting. Guide includes instructions for joining from various devices including a computer, mobile device, phone (for voice-only), or video conferencing system.
(If VPN permissions were granted before March of 2020) How to connect to VPN for faculty and staff
Users should be mindful of transferring personal or sensitive information by email. Dominican University offers an email encryption tool to protect any sensitive information that must be sent via email.
This article will assist you with adding your Dominican email to your Apple device using the iOS mail application.
A downloadable PDF of the Revision of Distance Education Policy
A downloadable PDF of the Electronic Communications Policy
Announcement for the new Zoom web conferencing service. Provides information to get started using teh service and where to go for assistance.
All Mobile devices should use the “DU Wireless” connection.