DU Shuttle Schedule - Fall 2020

Effective August 31, 2020 


Shuttle Locations

“Main” in the Lewis Circle just south of the Fine Arts Building

“Green” the North West corner of Lake and Harlem at the Pace Stop

“Priory” inside the Priory Gate just outside of the East Entrance to Priory

Shuttle Policies

The shuttle is a courtesy services provided to the Dominican Community to help bridge the Main and Priory campuses. The shuttle will also make several scheduled runs to the northwest corner of Lake and Harlem to help further accommodate community members on their commute to campus. The following rules are in place to help make the shuttle more efficient, and will help to support Campus Safety’s efforts in providing this service.

  • Please do not ask the shuttle driver to make unscheduled runs or stops. The schedule leaves just enough time for the driver to complete their scheduled rounds.

  • Occasionally- riders will be asked for their STAR Card to verify affiliation.

  • The shuttle driver is a Campus Safety Officer first, so in an event of an emergency shuttle services may be suspended. We ask for your patience in these rare instances.

  • No open food or drink on the shuttle.

  • Adherence to the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee Handbook is expected on the shuttle as an extension of the Dominican Campus.

  • The times posted are approximate departure times from each specified location. The shuttle will not leave earlier than the time posted but may leave slightly later based on traffic or weather.

  • For questions on the Shuttle Service please contact safety@dom.edu or 708-524-5999.


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