Downloading Adobe Connect Recordings

You can convert and save an Adobe Connect recording to the MP4 format by locating the meeting in Canvas.

Important note: the conversion process is executed in real time. Thus, the time required to convert the recording will be equal to the duration of the recording itself. 

  1. Locate the Meeting in Canvas

    Connect Meeting in Canvas

  2. Click the link Recordings immediately beneath the meeting title.
  3. Locate the Actions drop down menu and select Make Offline.

  4. The recording will open in the Adobe Connect add-in along with a pop-up dialog. Select Next.

  5. Select your Options

    • Select MP4 as the output option.
    • Select the quality either by using the slider or the Advanced Options menu. *Note: The higher the quality, the larger the file size will be. We recommend "90"
    • Click Proceed with Offline Recording once your options are selected.
  6. Select the location on your computer where you wish to save the recording (you may rename the recording at this time, as well).

  7. After clicking Save, a pop-up will appear, displaying your settings, including location, resolution and file size. Press OK.

  8. The original recording will play in the Adobe Connect add-in window while being converted to an MP4 file.

  9. Upon completion, a dialog box appears and provides the details of the actual recording.

Since the recording must play in real-time in order to be converted, this process will require the same amount of time as the original recording.

We recommend uploading your saved recordings to Panopto.


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