How do I start a meeting in Adobe Connect?

If you are host, start a meeting by logging in to your meeting room and then invite others through email or instant message. Meetings can be spontaneous or prearranged.

When you enter a meeting room, you can perform setup tasks for attendees. For example, specify conference information, accept or decline requests to join the meeting, rearrange pods, and type notes.

Enter a meeting room

 Do one of the following:

  • From the home page in Adobe Connect Central, click My Meetings, and click the Open button for the desired meeting.

  • In Adobe Connect Central, navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting and click Enter Meeting Room.

  • Click the meeting URL in the email invitation that you have received. Type your Adobe Connect login and password, and then click Enter Room.

  • Enter the meeting URL in your browser. Type your Adobe Connect login and password, and then click Enter Room.

The first time you visit a meeting room, bookmark it for quick access the next time you want to start a meeting.


Start a meeting using the Start Meeting button

The Start Meeting button is included in software applications such as Adobe Acrobat® 8, Adobe Reader® 8, and some Microsoft Office programs. As a meeting host, use the Start Meeting button to access your meeting room login screen or to set up a new Adobe Connect account.

Note: In Acrobat 9 and Reader 9, you can use Adobe ConnectNow, a personal web-conference tool, for online meetings.

  1. Click Start Meeting .
  2. If the Welcome To Start Meeting dialog box appears, click Create Trial Account to set up a new account. Alternatively, click Log In if you already have an account.
  3. In the Start Meeting Log In dialog box, type your meeting URL, login, and password, and click Log In.

    Note: In Acrobat 8 or Reader 8, your meeting preferences determine how much login information you have to enter before your meeting room opens. To change your Acrobat or Reader meeting preferences, select Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Acrobat > Preferences or Reader > Preferences (Mac OS). Then select Meeting on the left.


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