(ARCHIVE) How Do I Share an Adobe Connect Recording in Multiple Canvas Courses?

Note: Adobe Connect is no longer available at Dominican University. If you wish to incorporate video conferencing in your Canvas course, consider using Zoom. See "How Do I Get Started Using Zoom?"

Canvas course recordings made with Adobe Connect are only visible to students enrolled within that course.

The quick fix is to make the recording public so that those with the URL can view it. To do this:

  1. Go to the recording itself in Canvas and select the “Share” option under “Actions” for that recording.
  2. Once there, change its permissions from “Private” to “Public”.
  3. Copy the url provided there.

Image of Adobe Connect Sharing Control Panel.

The more extensive (and secure) alternative solution involves moving the recordings to Panopto. In order to modify this recording and make it available in other Canvas courses, the owner of the recording will need to execute a couple of tasks on Canvas.

  1. Convert the recording to an .mp4.
  2. Download it.
  3. Upload the converted recording to Canvas using Panopto.

Instructions for converting and downloading can be found here (note that in step 1, you will locate the recording in Canvas, rather than "Adobe Connect Central" as stated in the instructions):



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