What information is preserved in a template?

A meeting room converted to a template is a duplicate of the original room. Layouts, pods, room information, and most types of content are preserved in the template, including the following:

  • Layouts with name, order, and starting (selected) status

  • Pods with name, size, position, and settings for full-screen toggle

  • Pod content

  • Page number in PDF files and position of the seek bar in FLV files

  • Whiteboard overlay contents

  • Poll state (Prepare, Open, Close), questions, answers, and broadcast results

  • Questions and answers, Chat pod link, and status (Open, Answered, All)

  • Text in Notes pod

  • Video settings

  • Room on hold (Yes, No)

  • Value for guest entry

  • Messages displayed to users when a meeting is on hold or ended

  • Room background, screen resolution, and bandwidth

  • Presenter Only area status

  • Contact invitees description

  • All the settings of and changes to the breakout rooms. Also, these settings are carried forward when the template is used to create a meeting.

Certain information is not saved to the template. Audio conference settings, Audio Setup wizard settings, and the content of a Chat pod are not saved to a template.


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Tue 1/9/18 2:50 PM
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