How do I change or adjust a layout during a meeting?

The Layouts menu and the Layout bar are visible only to hosts. The default layouts are SharingDiscussion, and Collaboration. Any custom layouts are also listed. The Layout bar also displays thumbnails for the layouts. When a host chooses a different layout, the new layout appears on every attendee’s screen.

To change the layout, do one of the following:

  • Choose Layouts > [Layout Name]

  • Click a layout in the Layout bar.

Note: If the layouts don’t fit in the Layout bar, scroll through them and hover the pointer over the first or the last preview. You can also use the panning options or the mouse wheel to scroll through.

During a meeting, hosts can adjust layouts without affecting the active layout currently visible to attendees.

  1. Choose Meeting > Switch to Prepare Mode. Alternatively, click  in the Layout bar.
  2. From the Layouts menu or the Layout bar, choose the layout you want to adjust. Then move, hide, or show pods as needed.
  3. When you finish adjusting the layout, choose Meeting > End Prepare Mode or click  in the Layout bar.

To choose a background image for the meeting room:

You can replace the default gray background with an image.

Choose Meeting > Preferences.
Click upload, then navigate to the desired image. If you haven’t previously added the file to Adobe Connect, click Browse My Computer.

To Reset Layouts:

Reset layouts to revert to the default layouts. Any modifications to the SharingDiscussion, and Collaboration layouts are reverted, and custom layouts are deleted.

Choose Layouts > Reset Layouts.

Note: You cannot reset layouts if a meeting is being recorded.


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