How do I share my screen in Adobe Connect?

As a host or presenter in a meeting, you can share windows, applications, or your entire desktop. Your account administrator can restrict the applications and processes that you can share. As a participant in a meeting, to share your screen, a host must give you permission or promote you to a presenter or host. If users have a dual monitor setup, upon clicking Share My Screen, users get an option to share either of the two monitors. However, only one screen can be shared at a time.

When you share anything on your computer screen, actions you take in the shared region are visible to all participants in the meeting. Participants follow the progress of your cursor as you move it across your screen. When starting a screen share, the hosts and the presenters can enforce their settings for the participants. The Share pod can be opened in full screen mode for all attendees for a better viewing experience.

  • Hosts can show their cursors without sharing their screens. Choose Meeting > Preferences, and select a Host Cursors option.

    The region or regions that you share must be visible on your desktop to be visible in the Share pod to other participants. Overlapping windows on the desktop appear as a blue crosshatched pattern in the Share pod. If you are sharing an application and showing the native cursor of the application, you can enable the Show Application Cursor option in the Screen Share tab in the Preferences dialog.


Optimize screen sharing quality

  1. Choose Meeting > Preferences > Video.
  2. Use the following legend to choose between the four available quality settings.
    20 fps video at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480.
    10 fps video at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240.
    8 fps video at a maximum resolution of 320 x 240.
    4 fps video at a maximum resolution of 160 x 120.

    For example, if there are large delays before attendees see changes to a shared screen, reduce the Quality setting.

  3. (Optional) If you wish to disable previewing webcam feed before starting the feed, select Disable Webcam Preview.
  4. (Optional) If you wish to highlight the video feed of the current speakers in the Video Pod, select Highlight Active Speakers.


Share your screen (Host or Presenter)

      1. Do one of the following to open a Share pod:

  • Choose Layouts > Sharing.
  • Choose Pods > Share > Add New Share.

      2. Click the pop-up menu in the center of the Share pod, and select Share My Screen.

          Note: If the Share Pod is empty, you are a participant and do not have permission to share.

      3. Set Screen sharing options.

      4. (Optional) To make the attendees watch the shared content in full screen mode, select Make Share Pod Full Screen for Attendees, at the bottom of the Start Sharing Screen window. 

      5. Click the Share button at the bottom of the Start Screen Sharing window to begin sharing.


Share your screen (Participant)

  1. Ask a host to select your name in the Attendees pod and click Request Screen Share.
  2. An alert appears on your screen that says “Begin Sharing Desktop?” Click Start.
  3. Set Screen sharing options.
  4. Click the Share button at the bottom of the Start Screen Sharing window to begin sharing.


Screen sharing options

Desktop (or Secure Desktop Sharing)
Shares the contents of your desktop. If you have more than one monitor connected to your computer, a desktop appears for each monitor. Choose the desktop that you want to share.

The Secure Desktop Sharing option appears only if the account administrator has restricted the applications and processes that you can share. The Desktop option allows you to share authorized contents on your desktop.


Shares one or more authorized windows that are open and running on your computer. Choose the window or windows that you want to share.


Shares an authorized application and all its related windows that are open and running on your computer. Choose the application or applications that you want to share.

Share screen in Compact mode using the MiniControl

Participants who share their screen, can share, collaborate, and take some in-meeting actions directly from a MiniControl that opens in the Compact mode. The palette is displayed only for the user sharing the screen.

Options to switch to the MiniControl:

  • Use the icon in the top bar of the Share pod
  • Use the notifier in the upper right corner of the meeting room
  • Use the option in the context menu of the Share pod

The presenter can take multiple actions from the MiniControl and can access some pods, like the Chat pod and the Attendees pod. If a pod is not available in the meeting room, its icon in the MiniControl is disabled. The presenter can also see the in-meeting notifications in the palette.

Screen share control panel

You can perform the following actions from the pallete, depending on your access permissions:

  • Switch to the traditional meeting room by clicking Switch to Meeting Room in the upper right corner of the MiniControl.

  • Start and stop screen sharing and preview your screen being shared.

  • Start, stop, and preview screen sharing

  • Pause and annotate the screen being shared.

  • Control the camera, speaker, and microphone options in the meeting room. View the webcam feeds available in the meeting room in Grid or Filmstrip layout and switch the primary feed.

  • Multiple webcam feeds in the control panel

  • Access and use the Attendees pod.

  • Screen share attendees pod

  • Access and use the Chat pod.

Share control of your screen

While screen sharing, you can transfer control of the shared desktop, window, or application to another host or presenter.

  1. Start sharing your screen.
  2. A host or presenter clicks Request Control on the Share pod title bar.
  3. You see a request message in the upper-right corner of the meeting room window. Do one of the following:
  • Click Accept to grant control of your screen.
  • Click Decline to deny control of your screen.

Request control of a shared screen

Hosts and presenters can request control of the screen. They can take control once they receive the necessary permissions.

  • Click the Request Control button on the Share pod title bar.

If the request is accepted, a message informs you that you have been granted control of the screen. The Request Control button becomes a Release Control button. You can now take control of the shared screen.


Release control of a shared screen

  •  Click Release Control on the Share pod control strip to return control of the shared screen to the original Host or Presenter.


Change the view of a shared screen

If another presenter is sharing a screen with you, you can scale the screen to fit entirely within the Share pod. In addition, you can zoom in for a clearer image.

  •  In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, choose Change View, and then select either Scale To Fit or Zoom In.


Preview your shared screen

When sharing an application, window, or desktop on your computer, you can see a preview that shows what participants see in their Share pod.

  •  In the upper-right corner of the Share pod, click the menu icon,  and select Preview Screen.



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