How do I connect my video in Adobe Connect?

The Video Telephony pod lets hosts share video streams with attendees, including any audio. When one-way communication is sufficient for a presentation, a telephony stream can be preferable to a two-way conference.

  1. Choose Pods > Video Telephony.

  2. Click Open Stream.

  3. From the pop-up menu, choose the appropriate device.

    Your Adobe Connect administrator establishes the list of available devices. (See Configure video telephony devices.)

  4. Click Connect.

    The Video Telephony pod appears for all attendees. When attendees hover the mouse over the pod, a volume control appears for stream audio.

  5. To display volume control, hover the mouse over Video Telephony pod.

  6. In the upper right of the pod, hosts can click Pause Stream or pod menu  to access Close Stream, Change Stream, or Mute Audio options.


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