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This is a list of classrooms that are currently available for on campus visits for Zoom equipment testing. This list will be updated with other classrooms as they are completed.
Parking Permit Pick-Up Locations and Times
A how-to guide on accessing student recordings made by Respondus Monitor.
Information on new workflow for digital registration, add/drop and prerequisite form process.
DU IT routinely updates digital certificates as they expire.  Digital certificates are used to secure data transmissions.  This Friday, October 30th, a new certificate will be applied to the Wi-Fi networks.  If you use 'DU Wireless' and/or 'DU Resident' your wireless device may prompt you to verify the new certificate.  Below are some details to assist you in this process.
Recommendations to prevent uninvited guests from appearing in your Zoom meeting.
This article provides information on how to install and use the Zoom Scheduler for Outlook. This tool allows the user to schedule video and audio conferences from with Outlook.
Spaces for study or attending online classes, are available to all students, including those whose courses might be fully online who need to utilize on-campus resources.
Here you will find a course on how to use LinkedIn Learning.
Cyber Security Awareness and Best Practices
Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the campus parking permits.
The Dominican University VPN (virtual private network) allows faculty and staff to securely access our intranet while off campus. Instructions provided to setup and log in.
How to save files on your mac within Remote Desktop.