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University Policies

Departmental Policies for Dominican University can be found here.

Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for creating and maintaining a technology environment that supports Dominican’s strategic direction and objectives. Our goal is to provide a high-quality infrastructure, along with superior support services to enable our user community to utilize technologies for enhanced teaching, learning and administration.

Campus Safety

We are responsible for the reporting of all campus crimes and our compliance with the Student Right-To-Know Act and the Campus Security Act. Campus Safety, located in the north end of the first floor of the parking garage, is staffed by full-time professional security personnel and is augmented by student personnel.

Welcome & Information Desk

The Welcome and Information Desk (WID) serves as the search engine for the campus community providing information, navigation, resources and connection to services.

I Am A...

Helpful Information for future, current and previous students, faculty and Staff

TDNext User Training

These are articles going over how to go about accessing TDNext and using it as a staff member.

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