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Pinned Article How to Share Your Screen on Zoom While Using Mac?

Solves an issue of not being able to share your screen on your Mac device (i.e. iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) while using Zoom.

Pinned Article Password Protection on Zoom Recordings

Process on how to check if your recordings on Zoom are password protected or not.

How Do I Access Zoom Cloud Recordings That Have Been Copied Into Panopto?

Steps required to access Zoom cloud recordings that have been copied to Panopto.

How Do I Install and Use the Zoom Add-In for Outlook (O365, 2013, 2016)

This article provides information on how to install and use the Zoom Scheduler for Outlook. This tool allows the user to schedule video and audio conferences from with Outlook.

How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting?

A brief guide on how to join a Zoom meeting. Guide includes instructions for joining from various devices including a computer, mobile device, phone (for voice-only), or video conferencing system.

How Do I Restore the "Zoomapp" Link on a Conference Room System

Instructions on how to restore a zoomapp link in Favorites on a Lifesize conference system


As of 2/15/19 Dominican University is no longer using Lifesize as our video conferencing system. 

Zoom is now our standard video conferencing system.

When Joining or Starting a Meeting From Canvas, Will My DU Credentials Be Applied?

When starting or joining a Zoom Meeting from within Canvas, you will automatically be logged into your Zoom client with your DU credentials.

Zoom Bombing Prevention (Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Meetings)

Recommendations to prevent uninvited guests from appearing in your Zoom meeting.