When Joining or Starting a Meeting From Canvas, Will My DU Credentials Be Applied?

When starting or joining a meeting from the Zoom menu within Canvas, you will automatically be logged into your Zoom client with your DU credentials for the duration of the meeting. The Zoom tool for Canvas has now been set to pass your identity to Zoom when you join the meeting. This is especially useful for:

  • Guaranteeing that users who are on a shared computer—either at home or on campus—will always join the Zoom meeting under their own credentials, rather than as a guest or under an incorrect identity.
  • Providing an accurate list of participants in a meeting, presenting their official DU names.
  • Ensuring that participants allotted to pre-assigned breakout rooms corresponds to all of the actual participants in a meeting.
  • Individuals who have multiple Zoom identities for multiple organizations will automatically be signed in with their DU identity whenever joining a class meeting, regardless of the identity that their Zoom Desktop client was previously signed-in to. This may be helpful, for example, to adjunct professors who teach at multiple institutions, or individuals who share a computer at home with multiple Zoom account being used.
  • Prevention of Zoom-bombing if the "Authenticated Users Only" option is set for meeting security.

Important Note: This feature only applies when accessing a meeting via the Zoom menu within Canvas. It will not apply to Zoom links that may be posted elsewhere in Canvas.


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Mon 3/14/22 10:35 AM
Mon 3/14/22 11:02 AM