How Do I Restore the "Zoomapp" Link on a Conference Room System

If the "zoomapp" link in the Favorites list of one of our Lifesize systems has been deleted, here is how to restore it.

  1. Select "Call" on the system's touch screen.
  2. Select "Dial" to bring up the keypad on the touch screen.
  3. Enter and select the "Video" to initiate a call.
  4. Shortly, a Zoom session will begin and you will be prompted to enter a meeting ID number.
  5. End the call without entering a meeting number.
  6. Returning to the touchpad, select "Call" -> "Recents".
  7. Locate the "zoomapp" in the lsit of recent calls and touch the title.
  8. Select the option to add to "Favorites".
  9. Check the Favorites list to confirm that "zoomapp" is now listed.


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Mon 7/1/19 3:26 PM
Mon 7/1/19 3:37 PM