Request sponsored account creations for associates, consultants, contractors, or guests of Dominican University

Categories (2)

On-Boarding & Separation

Request On-boarding of new employees and Separation.

Student Worker Accounts

Request a student worker account to be created, reactivated or have access added to it.

Services (4)

Report an Issue with Access or a Login Account

Report an issue with a Dominican login account or access associated to a Dominican login account.

Request or Renew a Sponsored Guest Account

Sponsored guest accounts provide access to network resources, or application-level access for associates, consultants, contractors, or guests of Dominican University. Account or access requests require a University sponsor (head of business unit, department, faculty, administration, etc.) and granted for persons for official university business.

Short-Term Login Request

A Short-Term Login is used to access University workstations and applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. A Short-Term Login account is meant to be used for visitors of the University who are attending/participating in an event or meeting.