Request a Temporary Guest Parking Pass

Temporary Guest Parking Pass Policy

If you are requesting a Temporary Guest Parking Pass with less than 24 hours notice, you will need to visit one of the following locations in-person: Campus Safety Dispatch (24/7), the Main Campus Welcome & Information Desk (WID), the Priory WID or the Coughlin Commons WID.

Temporary Parking Permits will ONLY be issued if your request is completely filled out. They are to be placed on the front dashboard driver’s side face up and unblocked.  If the permit is blank or unreadable you will receive a ticket.


It is against Dominican University’s code of conduct to alter the information on a temporary permit. Altering a temporary permit will result in a parking citation and the restriction of further temporary permits. Misuse of the temporary permit system will restrict the issuance of temporary permits to the individual, their guests, and their vehicles. 


Temporary permits are designed to temporarily allow drivers with a valid permit to use an alternate vehicle when their vehicle is unavailable in order to park on Dominican University property.  They are also available for visitors to use when there is no parking available in the Visitors Circle or they are on campus for more than two hours.

Issuing Temp Permits

In-person temporary parking permits are available at the following locations: Dispatch, the Main Campus Welcome & Information Desk (WID), the Priory WID and the Coughlin Commons WID. 

  • Dispatch and the Coughlin Commons WID are staffed 24hrs a day. 
  • The Main Campus and Priory WID’s are staffed during normal building hours.
  • Please bring your vehicle information with you when filling out in person.

Electronic temporary guest parking permits can be requested with 24 hour notice of time by clicking the green Request a Temporary Guest Parking Pass button found on this page.

  • These passes are generally reserved for non-Dominican Community members visiting campus.
  • These guest passes are available upon request and will be distributed via email during normal business hours.  The requester will be able to print out the permit and display it on the dashboard of vehicles while parked on campus. 
  • You will need the following vehicle information to place your request:
    • Vehicle Make
    • Vehicle Model
    • Vehicle License Plate Number and the state which it is registered
Types of Temporary Permits

One Day: One day passes expire at midnight on the date of issuance.

Multiple Day: These temporary permits will be issued on a case by case basis and are ONLY available through Campus Safety during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm). They expire at midnight of the expiration date.

Overnight Passes: These permits are valid until 8am of the expiration date. Main campus overnight parking for guest’s vehicles is in the Greenfield Lot ONLY. The only vehicles allowed to park in the East Lot from 2am-6am are main campus resident student vehicles with a valid permit. Resident students must accompany their guest when registering overnight vehicles.

Request a Temporary Guest Parking Pass


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