Request an IT Equipment Purchase


To request new equipment placements or equipment replacements, the equipment purchase and placement request form must be completed.

All technology purchased for Dominican University requires IT approval. New full time position placements are funded with standardized equipment by IT for up to $850 for PC based desktops / laptops or $1,250 for Mac based desktops / laptops. Any costs of new position equipment in excess of these standard placement amounts should be planned for charge back to the requesting department. All other equipment not planned for charge back to requesting department will be evaluated for IT purchasing based on functionality, standard replacement cycle and funding availability.


There is currently no charge to use this service, unless detailed in optional services. These costs may be associated to a departmental account.


The following communities are eligible to request this service:

  • Part- and Full-Time Faculty
  • Part- and Full-Time Staff

Purchasing is done during normal working hours. 


Contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888, visit the Support Center at Lewis Hall 048 or browse to to submit a case.


The target delivery time for Purchasing is within five (5) business days after all information has been submitted online and approved by the direct supervisor and Information Technology.

Request Equipment to Purchase


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