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This category is used to report General IT related issues or request services that do not have a category below. If you are requesting one of the services we currently offer below, please select the service and you will be taken to the proper category to place your request.

Type of Service Request 

Sponsored Guest Account

File/Drive Access

Jenzabar Access

VPN Access

Password Reset

Network Port Activation

Classroom Equipment Delivery

Event/Meeting Equipment Delivery

New Equipment Purchase

IT Project Request

Click "Request Support" to submit a request for fixing or resolving an issue with a service. Our service level agreement is to respond to your request within 48 business hours and close all requests within 5 business days - though we strive to close cases quicker than this timeline.

If your request is urgent and/or related to a service outage, please contact the Support Center directly at 708-524-6888. If your request is related to a personal medical emergency, please contact 911.

An email will be sent to your primary email account when your case is submitted and any responses are posted by the Support Center staff.

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