Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for creating and maintaining a technology environment that supports Dominican’s strategic direction and objectives.  Our goal is to provide a high-quality infrastructure, along with superior support services to enable our user community to utilize technologies for enhanced teaching, learning and administration.

Categories (14)

Canvas & MyDU

Report Canvas, Panopto and MyDU related issues and request servcies

Classrooms, AV Equipment Request, Support & Loan Program

Report classroom and equipment issues or request services like our Equipment Loan Program

Computer, Device, Printer & Cable TV

Report computer, printer, cable TV and device issues or request services

If you can't find a category for your request, scroll down to Services

Dominican Login, Password Reset & Application/File Access

Report issues with not being able to login or access files.
Request account creations and file access.

Email, Calendar & Messaging

Report email, calendar and messaging issues or request services

IT Purchasing

Request services related to purchasing new IT equipment.

Network, WiFi & Cyber Security

Report wired network or Wifi issues and request services like network port activation

Parking Permit

Report parking permit issues related to logging into the application form, applying/receiving a permit or updating information.

All other parking related issue should reported to Campus Safety.

Software, Business & Web Applications

Report software or web application issues like Jenzabar, Izenda or Qualtrics

Storage Drive, Server Support & Backups

Report storage drive and server issues and request services

Telephone, Voicemail & Conferencing

Report telephone, voicemail and conferencing issues and request services

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Training & Learning

Request training

Project Requests, Data Requests & Reporting

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Report an Uncategorized IT Issue

This category is used to report General IT related issues or request services that do not have a category below. If you are requesting one of the services we currently offer below, please use your web browser’s back button and select the proper category and submit a service request.

Type of Service Request = Category

Sponsored Guest Account = Dominican Login Account Request
File/Drive Access = Application & File Access Requests
Jenzabar Access = Application & File Access Requests
VPN Access = Application & File Access Requests
Password Reset = Password Self- Service
Network Port Activation = Wired Network
Classroom Equipment Delivery = AV Equipment Delivery
Event/Meeting Equipment Delivery = AV Equipment Delivery
IT Related Project Requests = Project

Services (2)

Review and Accept the Network Risk and Liability Release Agreement

Dominican University makes no warranties, service, or security guarantees with respect to the
University’s Network and Internet service, and it specifically assumes no responsibilities for any data or
communications the below signee transmits while connected to the Dominican University network.

Review and Accept the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Terms and Conditions

All Dominican University associates, consultants, contractors, and guests must be read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and DU IT policies.