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The Office of Campus Safety coordinates the administration and reservation of university vehicles. University vehicles are available for official Dominican University business including class outings, athletic team transportation and university-recognized organization outings. University vehicles can only be booked for trips of 25 miles one way; for any trips longer than 25 miles or when we are out of vehicles see procedures below. Our goal is to make the vehicle procedures user friendly and service orientated. In order to accomplish this goal, we need your help by following the procedures listed below.

  • Reservations must include a completed vehicle request form: your name, the driver's name, date of request, organization/group, length of travel/location and signature. A confirmation will be sent to you via the e-mail address provided on the form.
  • Faculty/Staff members reserving vehicles must provide their own drivers. A list of approved drivers is available from the Campus Safety Office.
  • Vehicle keys are obtained from the Dispatch Center. The driver may be asked  to show a valid Dominican ID or driver's license to receive the keys.
  • Vehicles are to be parked properly when returned. All garbage and debris must be cleaned out of the vehicle.
  • The keys must be returned to the Dispatch Center after each trip.
  • The event driver must possess a current, valid driver’s license in order to drive for a University sponsored event.
  • A Dominican faculty or staff member must ride in the vehicle at all times.
  • If multiple vehicles are being reserved by the same organization, only 1 Faculty/Staff member needs to ride with the group.
  • The driver is responsible for the vehicle.
    • If the vehicle is in need of servicing and cannot be exchanged for a another
      • Driver or renter should pay for the servicing and all copies of receipts returned to the Operations Officer for processing
      • Unscheduled servicing should only be done if safety is an issue.
      • Servicing should be pre-approved by the Director of Campus Safety
    • Payment for any tickets received are the responsibility of the driver
    • Any skipped toll booth violations can be paid on-line
      • A $150 penalty is added to any toll missed and not paid.
    • The driver is responsible for reporting any accidents and/or maintenance issues to Campus Safety
  • Students under 21 are NOT permitted to drive vehicles. Grad students and students employed by the University may drive University vehicles with prior approval, a completed application and driving test.
  • All drivers must be registered with the Campus Safety Office at least 2 weeks prior to driving a University vehicle. To register you must: complete an application available at the Campus Safety Office, take a driving test and vehicle orientation. A driving background check may also be required.
  • Vehicles are available on a first come, first serve basis. Currently, there are: 2 white mini buses.
    • Vehicle capacity for both types of vehicles is 15 passenger, 1driver and 14 riders’
    • Please check with the Office of Campus Safety for current fleet info.
  • University vehicles can only be booked for trips of 25 miles one way; for trips longer than 25 miles or when we are out of vehicles renters will need to contract an outside car service for use during their event.

There is currently no charge to use this service, unless detailed in optional services. These costs may be associated to a departmental account.


The following communities are eligible to request this service:

  • Part- and Full-Time Faculty
  • Part- and Full-Time Staff

Vehicle reservation are approved during normal working hours. Vehicles can be picked up and returned 24/7; however, time and date restrictions may be placed upon request.


Contact Campus Safety at (708) 524-5999, visit Campus Safety at the north end of the first floor of the parking garage or browse to to submit a case.


The target delivery time for approving a vehicle reservation is within five (5) business days after all information has been submitted online and approved by the direct supervisor and Information Technology.

Reserve a Vehicle


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