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The parking ticket appeal form is used to notify Campus Safety of a disagreement with the issuance of a ticket.

Community Parking permits are available to the public in the Priory East Lot. The Welcome and Information Desk (WID) handles all administrative aspects of the parking program and will operate in accordance with parking policies and citations observed at Dominican University.
*Not available on the main campus.

Event Reports are to be submitted for all In person or online events.

Place an inquiry for your equipment needs. The Equipment Loan Program is intended for educational use only to aid in projects, presentations and the delivery of academic material.

This service is used to request a Dominican University locker

All Dominican University associates, consultants, contractors, and guests must be read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and DU IT policies.

Report a Canvas related issue.

Report an issue with equipment in a classroom.

Report an issue with using a desktop computer or laptop.

Report an issue with a DU Issued Mobile Phone

Report laptop computer related issues.

Report an issue with a Microsoft Surface.

Report an issue with connecting to our wired or wireless network.