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Use of Dominican lockers is a privilege. Lockers will only be issued to STAR Card holders.

Dominican University cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

By signing the Locker Use Agreement, applicants agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by Campus Safety outlined below:

1. All lockers are the property of Dominican University.

2. Use of a locker by a person other than to whom it is assigned is forbidden. Misuse of a locker may lead to termination of locker privileges.

3. Campus Safety reserves the right to open a locker without the consent of the applicant to whom the locker is registered in instances where locker procedures are being abused, or in the case of an emergency situation.

4. Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the lockers.

5. Perishable items, illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are also strictly prohibited inside the lockers.

6. Users are not permitted to affix anything to the interior or exterior of their lockers.

7. Upon assignment and during use, users are responsible for reporting any damage or needed repairs to Campus Safety. Users will assume the cost of any unreported damages.

8. All personal items must be stored completely within a locker. All items left outside of a locker, whether secured or not, will be removed and disposed of accordingly.

9. Every user must renew their agreement at the end of the designated period. Lockers not renewed will be cleaned out and all contents will be disposed of.

10. Locker users will be held to all standards as aligned in the Student Code of Conduct and in the Employee handbook.


If approved this application provides privileges until May 10th, 2019 or until official departure from the university. If the applicant does not require use of the locker until May 10th, 2019, they must inform Campus Safety of their intent to move out of the locker via email at, so that the locker may be re-secured. The applicant will be held responsible for the locker until May 10th, or until they send formal notice of vacancy.

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