Request Institutional Data


Once a request is submitted with all the required fields completed, please allow up to 10 business days for processing and verification. In some cases training may be required before access is granted.


Below is the process your Data Request will entail:

Step 1: Research the Data Needed

Before submitting your Internal Data Request, please investigate information/data that is available through the Dominican University website.

Step 2: Submit an Internal Data Request (IDR)

Complete the IDR with specifics about your data request needs. If the data will be used in support of scholarly research or communication (conference presentation, publication, etc.), attach copies of the protocol and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter to your request.


NOTE: When requesting data or information from IT, it is helpful for you to provide us with the question(s) you need answered, the form or survey you are completing, instruction and definitions you receive from external agencies or the facts or issues being addressed. A sketch of a table shell would be most helpful in ensuring clear communication of your need. We are able to provide more accurate data by knowing the question(s) and/or the business problem.


Please give us as much notice as possible when requesting data as some requests take longer than others depending on the nature of the data. In many cases someone in our office will contact you to discuss your request in more detail. It may be necessary to meet with you, if your project requires substantial resources.

Step 3: Request Reviewed for Approval(s)

Your request will be reviewed by the Information Technology staff. One of the following actions will be applied to your request and communicated to you by email.

  • Prioritized: The request is assigned a priority and assigned to an IT staff member.
  • Referred: The request is for a report based on operational/live data, identifiable student data and does not have Registrar approval.
  • Denied: The request cannot be accommodated due to unavailability of data, resources or another reason.

Step 4: Data Compiled

The IT staff member working on your request will notify you if they have questions to clarify your request. In general, unless otherwise specified, data will only be provided in aggregate: All requests will adhere to guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You will also be notified of the status and/or timeframe for completion of your request. The privacy of student and employee information is protected by University, State and Federal laws. Access granted to University resources might be protected, but not limited to the following laws or standards: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA. Moreover, Dominican imposes its own policies and standards regarding the safeguarding of the University assets. Please review the policies governing the use of Dominican’s institutional data and computing resources at

Step 5: Data File Provided

An IT staff member will email your finished report (unless limited given the scope of the request). The report will include the source of the data and instructions for gathering that data on your own (as necessary). If sent through email, your report will be encrypted using Axcrypt which will protect the data file in transit. To download the Axcrypt client, please visit:

Step 6: Request Completed

Upon receiving your report, please don't hesitate to contact us indicating any questions you may have about the data. Shortly after the report has been sent to you, your IT staff contact will contact you to ensure that you have received the information.


There is currently no charge to use this service.


The following communities are eligible to request this service:

  • Part- and Full-Time Faculty
  • Part- and Full-Time Staff

Account access for sponsored guests is available 24/7; however, time and date restrictions may be placed upon request.


Contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888, visit the Support Center at Lewis Hall 048 or browse to to submit a case.


The target delivery time for Data Requests is within (10) business days after all information has been submitted online and approved by the direct supervisor and Information Technology.

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