Information Technology

Information Technology is responsible for creating and maintaining a technology environment that supports Dominican’s strategic direction and objectives.  Our goal is to provide a high-quality infrastructure, along with superior support services to enable our user community to utilize technologies for enhanced teaching, learning and administration.

Categories (14)

Canvas & MyDU

Report Canvas, Panopto and MyDU related issues and request servcies

Classrooms, AV Equipment Request & Support

Report classroom and equipment issues or request servcies

Computer, Device, Printer & Cable TV

Report computer, printer, cable TV and device issues or request services

If you can't find a category for your request, scroll down to Services

Dominican Login, Password Reset & Application/File Access

Report issues with not being able to login or access files.
Request account creations and file access.

Email, Calendar & Messaging

Report email, calendar and messaging issues or request services

IT Purchasing

Request services related to purchasing new IT equipment.

Network, WiFi & Cyber Security

Report wired network or Wifi issues and request services like network port activation

Parking Permit

Report parking permit issues related to logging into the application form, applying/receiving a permit or updating information.

All other parking related issue should reported to Campus Safety.

Software, Business & Web Applications

Report software or web application issues like Jenzabar, Izenda or Qualtrics

Storage Drive, Server Support & Backups

Report storage drive and server issues and request services

Telephone, Voicemail & Conferencing

Report telephone, voicemail and conferencing issues and request services

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Training & Learning

Request training

Project Requests, Data Requests & Reporting

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Report an Uncategorized IT Issue

This category is used to report General IT related issues or request services that do not have a category below. If you are requesting one of the services we currently offer below, please use your web browser’s back button and select the proper category and submit a service request.

Type of Service Request = Category

Sponsored Guest Account = Dominican Login Account Request
File/Drive Access = Application & File Access Requests
Jenzabar Access = Application & File Access Requests
VPN Access = Application & File Access Requests
Password Reset = Password Self- Service
Network Port Activation = Wired Network
Classroom Equipment Delivery = AV Equipment Delivery
Event/Meeting Equipment Delivery = AV Equipment Delivery
IT Related Project Requests = Project

Services (2)

A - Z Information Technology Services List

An A - Z list of hyperlinked available Information Technology services

Review and Accept the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Terms and Conditions

All Dominican University associates, consultants, contractors, and guests must be read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and DU IT policies.