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Can I get a refund for jammed or damaged print jobs?

Charges for a missing or damaged printout due to a printer problem are eligible for a refund.

Can I transfer my print funds or request a refund of print funds?

Print credits are not transferable and are non-refundable.

Do printing funds rollover from semester to semester?

University-assigned print credits will not rollover from one semester to the next. Any remaining print funds that were purchased or deposited rollover from term to term.

Does the system indicate the environmental impact of my printing?

Yes, the print management portal summary page shows an estimated environmental impact by user.

How do I access my personal printing portal?

Access to your personal printing portal is available at

How Do I Use Mobility Print?

Instructions for Dominican University students to be able to print from their personal mobile devices.

How much do I receive in printing funds?

All students receive $25 in technology printing funds at the beginning of each semester. After the add/drop date, all students enrolled as full time receive an additional $25 in print funds for the semester.

Printing at Dominican

A new pay for print system has been implemented across campus using PaperCut. Faculty, staff, students and guests are able to print to public printers from workstations or personal devices.

Stapling through "Printing at DU"

Instructions on how to have you document stapled through Office applications and Adobe Pro to Printing at DU.

What happens if I run out of printing funds?

The system provides “overdraft” protection of $1, or about 13 single sided black and white pages of print.

What is Mobility Printing?

Mobility Printing now allows Dominican students to connect to a virtual print queue and send their print jobs to any public printer on-campus.

Where are Color printers on campus?

Where can I find a Color printer on campus?

Who Can Use Mobility Printing?

At this time, mobility printing is only available to Dominican students.