Printing FAQ's

What is the print management system at DU?
A print management system is implemented across campus using PaperCut. Faculty, staff, students and guests are able to print to public printers from workstations or personal devices. Once your job has been submitted, you are able to release that job from any of the swipe-enabled printers that support the desired format (color/grayscale). There are several ways to submit a job for printing:

  • Using a public workstation in the library or labs or a faculty/staff workstation;
  • Wirelessly submit your print job;
  • Sending your print job to a specific email address (from Dominican email addresses only); or
  • Submitting your job via a web browser

Where are Color printers on campus?
Color printers can be found at the following locations:

  • Coughlin Commons
  • Coughlin Hall - Lower Level
  • Crown Library - Lower Level / 1st Floor / 2nd Floor / 3rd Floor
  • Fine Art- 1st Floor
  • Lewis Hall- Lower Level 
  • Lewis Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Mazzuchelli Hall - 3rd Floor
  • Mazzuchelli Hall - 2nd Floor - CCL
  • Parmer Hall - 2nd Floor - Northeast
  • Parmer Hall - 4th Floor
  • Parmer Hall - Lower Level

Where do I access my personal printing portal?
Access to your personal printing portal is available at

How much do I receive in printing funds?
All students receive $25 in technology printing funds at the beginning of each semester. After the add/drop date, all students enrolled as full time receive an additional $25 in print funds for the semester. Each $25 in print funds provides 325 single-sided pages of Technology Fee-supported printing. While personal credits roll over each semester, technology printing funds will not carry over from Fall to the Spring semester. Faculty have been asked to consider printing volumes in courses and electronic distribution through Canvas for course materials.

Faculty and staff charge costs to a department or office. 

How Much Does It Cost to Print or Make Copies?
The cost associated to printing is as follows:

Single Sided

Duplex (Double Sided)

Black & White Printing


$0.05 (Per side)

Color Printing


$0.20 (Per side)

What happens if I run out of printing funds?
The system provides “overdraft” protection of $1, or about 13 single sided black and white pages of print. If you purchase or deposit funds to your Star Card, these will be applied to your overdraft balance first. Any remaining credit will be added to your account.

Can I get a refund for jammed or damaged print jobs?
Charges for a missing or damaged printout due to a printer problem are eligible for a refund. Refund requests must be made within one week of the print date via the print management user portal. To make a request, select “Recent Print Jobs” followed by the “request refund” link for the job you would like a refund for, and enter a reason for the request. Alternatively, You can submit a Printing Refund Request.

Printing charges related to user error will not be credited. Some of examples include:

  • Printing to the wrong printer, or selecting the wrong paper size or orientation
  • Printing the wrong document
  • Printing more copies than needed
  • Failure to logoff and another student uses your account
  • Print jobs that are lost or thrown away

Can I transfer my print funds or request a refund of print funds?
Print credits are not transferable and are non-refundable.

Do printing funds rollover from semester to semester?
University-assigned print credits will not rollover from one semester to the next. Any remaining print funds that were purchased or deposited rollover from term to term.

Does Support Center Deliver Printing Paper?
Support Center doesn't deliver copier paper to departmental offices. Departments can contact Office Services for copier paper. Support Center supplies paper for common areas only.

Does the system indicate the environmental impact of my printing?
Yes, the print management portal summary page shows an estimated environmental impact by user. The Environmental Dashboard is available on your portal page at

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