Event Report

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Event Reports are to be submitted for all In person or online events. Please fill out the event reports in full and include as much detail as possible. Think of the event report as a blueprint/resource for anyone who may have not worked the event in the past.  Please remember to include the following.

  • Event Title should be in the following format:
    • YEAR (Space) MONTHDAY (Example: 21 0131)
    • Then Include the title of the event.
    • Final Title would be 21 0131 Butler Lecture  
  • Set up notes should include
    • Lobby set up. (Number of tables/chairs and what they are used for)
    • Tech needs and stage set up
    • Seating holds or blocked rows
    • Catering or food services
    • Décor
    • Signage created and locations for display
  • Attach Images of the lobby/stage set up and décor for all events.
  • Include full names of ALL Staff working (Including DUPAC and other staff)
  • Be as detailed as possible in Tech/Management concerns
    • Use a timeline format. (Example:  12:15pm- Artist Arrives)
    • Include names and locations of any incidents
    • Be sure to include how any incidents were resolved.
  • VIP’s include the President of the University, Deans of Colleges, and Prominent figures. (Writers, Athletes, Politicians, or Entertainers.)
  • If a field is not applicable to your event write: N/A

It is the FOH/Event Manager’s responsibility to ensure the Event Report is completed at the end of the event. They can gather the information prior to or as the event is happening. Event Report should be the last thing sent before you clock out for the shift.



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