Policy for the Acquisition, Use, and Reimbursement of Cellular Devices


This policy establishes procedures for the procurement, use, and reimbursement as well as the occasional, incidental or emergency personal use of University owned cellular devices. The University recognizes that certain job functions require that an employee be accessible when away from the office or during times outside scheduled working hours. For this reason, the University may provide cellular devices to select employees who have a clear institutional business purpose for such a device.

Criteria for Assignment of Cellular Devices

Employees must submit a written rationale to the Vice President for their division, who will approve or disapprove the request and maintain the rationale on file. After divisional approval, personnel and/or a department requesting a cellular device should complete the Request Equipment Purchase form with the Support Center.

It is the responsibility of the budget manager for that division to monitor both the proper use of the device and the currency of the rationale. (i.e., Does the individual continue to need the device for business purposes?) The following criteria may be used to determine the need for a University cellular device:

  1. Employees who are required to work away from their desks. Examples of these employees are Admissions, Facilities and Information Technology employees.
  2. An employee whose job function requires considerable time outside of their assigned office or work area and it is important to the University that they are accessible during those times.
  3. Employees who provide 24/7 technical support for mission critical operations (e.g., Security, Facilities, and IT).
  4. Employees at the President or Vice-President level.
Guidelines of Service Plans
  1. All university provided cellular devices are to be acquired through the Information Technology Department. No department is authorized to acquire university equipment independently without the written approval of the IT Department.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the dean or director to approve the device and cost that best meets the employee or department’s needs. Similarly, any changes must be approved by the dean or director.
  3. When receiving the university equipment, the employee and budget manager are required to sign a statement of receipt and responsibility for Dominican University mobile equipment. (see procedures)
  4. Authorizing departments are responsible and will be billed for all costs associated. This includes monthly voice and data charges, charges for the device, and all associated accessories.
Use of Cell Phones
  1. University cell phones are provided for necessary, official university business purposes only.
  2. Cell phones must be registered with the University MDM (Mobile Device Management) system.
  3. Cell phones are not to be used while operating automobiles or other vehicles or equipment.
  4. Employees will be responsible for the safekeeping, care and custody of the device assigned to them. If the device is lost or stolen contact the IT Support Center (x6888) immediately for deactivation and or remote wipe.
  5. Cell phones provided by the university and their associated phone and PIN numbers are University property. Devices are to be returned to the responsible department when the employee separates from the University or no longer requires the use of the device. University devices cannot be transferred to private ownership.
  6. As property of the University, cell phones may be removed from the employee's possession at any time. At the discretion of the dean, director, department chair, or immediate supervisor, abuse of university cell phone privileges may result in loss of those privileges.
Personal Use of University Cell Phones
  1. University provided cell phones are intended to be used for official university business.
  2. It is recognized, however, that it is impractical to limit the use of these university devices entirely for business use. For example, employees cannot always control incoming phone calls; the determination of whether a specific call is business-related or personal can be open to interpretation based upon specific facts and circumstances.
  3. Therefore, personal use is not prohibited. However, the University expects employees to exercise prudent judgment in keeping personal calls during business hours to a minimum.
Reimbursement for Business Use of Personal Cell Phones
  1. With the approval of the division budget manager and under circumstances in which the Criteria for Assignment (described above) have been met, an employee may be reimbursed as defined below for the business use of personally owned cell phones.
  2. In general, such reimbursement would be authorized when on average the personal phone is used for business purposes during ordinary business hours up to half of the time. In cases of greater use discussion should occur on the appropriateness of a Dominican issued cell phone.
  3. This reimbursement will be available only as long as deemed appropriate by the budget manager and is subject to re-evaluation during budget preparations for the next fiscal year.
  4. Dominican will reimburse the employee’s costs associated with business calls on a monthly basis. See procedures for acquisitions and reimbursement document.
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