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Remote Applications can be accessed by following the steps below. 

You will need to be set up with MFA and be given VPN access to access the remote apps below. You can request VPN access through the link here.

(Note: Microsoft Remote Desktop required for Mac.)--> Click Here to Learn How.

  1. In your browser type:
  2. Log in with your Dominican credentials (use your full email address for your username).

    PC: log in with your credentials: DU username and DU password in the indicated text fields. Once, you’ve entered your credentials, click “Sign in” to launch the Remote Desktop app.

  3. Select the RemoteApp program you would like to use - an .rdp file will be downloaded.

  4. Once the file is downloaded, locate and double click it to open. (Mac users can skip the next step)

  5. (Windows Users) Upon opening the Remote App program you will receive a pop up window requesting permission to open the selected RemoteApp program. Click “Connect.”

  6. Enter your DU network credentials to allow connection to the RemoteApp program and click “OK”

  7. After clicking “OK,” your selected program will run and you may begin to use it.

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