10/30/2020 - Digital Certificate Renewal

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DU IT routinely updates digital certificates as they expire.  Digital certificates are used to secure data transmissions.  This Friday, October 30th, a new certificate will be applied to the Wi-Fi networks.  If you use 'DU Wireless' and/or 'DU Resident' your wireless device may prompt you to verify the new certificate.  Below are some details to assist you in this process.


Digital Certificate Renewal

When:   Friday, October 30th

Networks affected:         

  • 'DU Wireless'
  • 'DU Resident'

Networks NOT affected:

  • 'DU Owned'
  • 'DU Guest Wireless'
  • ‘DU Public Resident’

Action:  If you receive one of the prompts depicted in the screenshots below, please click on the appropriate button required to proceed.  Please note that the versions of Android we tested automatically trusted the new certificate and therefore did not send a screen prompt.




Mac OS X: 


Windows 10: 


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