Quick Start for Using Panopto in Canvas

While we encourage you to set aside time for in-person training in the use of Panopto in your course, it sometimes helps to have a few essential links to get you and your students started

For Students & Instructors:

  1. Downloading and Installing Panopto
    1. PC - https://dominicanu.instructure.com/courses/324330/pages/2-dot-1-1-downloading-and-installing-the-panopto-recorder-pc
    2. Mac - https://dominicanu.instructure.com/courses/324330/pages/2-dot-1-2-downloading-and-installing-the-panopto-recorder-mac
  2. Using Panopto with PowerPoint (PC) - https://dominicanu.instructure.com/courses/324330/pages/3-dot-4-using-panopto-with-powerpoint-pc
  3. Using Panopto with PowerPoint or Keynote (Mac) - https://dominicanu.instructure.com/courses/324330/pages/3-dot-5-using-panopto-with-powerpoint-or-keynote-mac
  4. Submitting a Panopto Recording in a Canvas Assignment or Discussion - https://dominicanu.instructure.com/courses/324330/pages/4-dot-3-submitting-a-panopto-recording-in-a-canvas-assignment-or-discussion

For Instructors:

  • To add a Panopto video submission option to an assignment.
    Simply set the assignment-type to "Online" and "Text Entry". The submitted video will then be visible within Speedgrader.
  • Now that students can submit their recordings via a Canvas assignment, it is no longer mandatory for you to activate the "Assignments" folder. Now, students can upload their work to their personal folder ("My Folder" in Panopto) and as long as they follow the instructions for "Submitting a Panopto Recording in a Canvas Assignment..." the appropriate permissions will be given for you to view their work when they submit it in the assignment itself.
  • Alternatively, If you wish to have download-able copies of your students' videos, please do the following:
    • Activate the "assignments" folder within "Course Video" in your Canvas course.
    • Instruct your students to upload their recording to the assignments folder for your class (rather than their personal folder).
  • For their first time using Panopto, we highly recommend giving your students a "low stakes" initial assignment, wherein they can become familiar with creating and submitting work using the tool. Below is a sample; you may want to model a similar assignment in your course:

(Example of an assignment using Panopto)

Example of a Panopto-based Assignemtn

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