Rave Emergency Text Notification System FAQs

Rave Emergency Text Alert System

Dominican University uses RAVE, a university-wide text alert service that will notify students, faculty and staff if an emergency situation occurs on campus. The alerts provide real-time information as a text to your cell phone in the event of an emergency.

How will I identify incoming emergency text messages from DU?

Users are encouraged to add 226787 and 67283 as “DU-Alert” to their phone contacts to help identify incoming emergency text messages.

How are users registered for the text alert system?

All active Dominican University students, faculty, staff, are automatically registered to use the Rave Emergency Notification System.

  • Active DU students, faculty, and staff are automatically registered for text alerts but users must confirm their cell phone number is correct. Please visit the MyDU Portal to add and/or manage your cell phone from the Emergency Notification System link.
  • Affiliates of the DU community without a Dominican University Email address are welcome to subscribe. Please visit the DU Rave Registration Page to sign up and manage your emergency notification information.

Where do I go to manage my emergency notification information?

Individuals with an active Dominican University Email account should visit the MyDU Portal to add and/or manage your cell phone emergency notification information. Visit the Emergency Notification System link within MyDU.

What if I don’t want to receive emergency text messages from the University?

Opting out of the text alert system is strongly discouraged as the information provided by Dominican University could save your life during an emergency, threatening situation, or at the very least, keep you from coming to campus on a snow closure day. 

  • If you choose to opt-out, simply reply “STOP” to any of the emergency text alerts.

How often will I receive text message alerts?

Fortunately, the campus does not use the Emergency Text Alert System very often. Situations where emergency text messages could be issued include systems tests, severe weather, campus operating status, and imminent dangers affecting our campus community.

Does it matter who my mobile phone provider/carrier is?

No. The emergency text alert system supports all U.S. mobile carriers. If you do change your mobile phone provider, you will not need to change anything. However, if you change your cell number, you must update that information within MyDU.

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