(ARCHIVE) How do I create an Adobe Connect meeting in my Canvas Course?

Note: Adobe Connect is no longer available at Dominican University. If you wish to incorporate video conferencing in your Canvas course, consider using Zoom. See "How Do I Get Started Using Zoom?"

Adobe Connect and Canvas work great together and provide an excellent web conferencing solution for distance learning. Watch the video below to lean the basics of creating a meeting in Canvas. Note that you must request to have Adobe Connect installed in your Canvas course. 

  https://dominican.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=1e2c3631-78b5-458f-88fb-f4219667c5f5  https://dominican.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=1e2c3631-78b5-458f-88fb-f4219667c5f5</a></p&gt    


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