Are there workshops for Canvas?

Faculty members can sign up for an online Canvas Workshop complete with video tutorials by going to this address:

Canvas Online Workshop

You will receive a "practice" course site, sample files, and a set of exercises.  There are several, brief videos that show you what to do for most of the exercises.

We do not offer Canvas workshops for students, since much of the system is relatively user-friendly for students. We suggest that you follow your faculty member's instructions on using their Canvas course sites, since there can be a great variety of specific features a faculty member may choose to use.  Also, every  Canvas screen has link at the bottom of the navigation bar that appears on the far left, which offers help on all parts of the system with many screen captures and sometimes video, as well.  Our own KnowledgeBase site here also has a specific section for student information on Canvas. 

An online student manual for Canvas--arranged by major topis--is available here.

Canvas also has a variety of video tutorials for both faculty as well as students.


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