How do I get started using Infomaker 12.5

1. The first time that you login to the terminal server (RDS1 or RDS2) you should open and close Infomaker 12.5. This will create necessary hidden Infomaker support files. This is the desktop icon for Infomaker 12.5

Or you can click Start | All Programs | Sybase | Infomaker 12.5 | Infomaker 12.5

2. After closing Infomaker 12.5, you should immediately run the Infomaker Configuration Tool. You can run the InfoMaker Configuration Tool by double-clicking the Infomaker Configuration desktop icon

or by clicking Start | All Programs | Jenzabar EX 6 | Infomaker Configuration Tool for EX 6.

When the tool opens, click the Apply All Settings button in the lower right corner and then click the Close button.

If the Apply All Settings button is grayed-out, just click the Close button.

3. Go through your migrated PBLs and run the reports/queries you have been using to ensure that they work correctly in Infomaker 12.5. When you run the first report, you may be presented with an unexpanded Database Profiles window:

Click on the + sign in front of ODB ODBC, select TMSEPRD (Shared) and click Connect:

Enter your Jenzabar Login ID and password and click OK.


  1. Open and close Infomaker 12.5
  2. Run the Infomaker Config Tool
  3. Set Database Profile
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