Multifactor Authentication (MFA) - Changing Method from Phone (SMS) to App

Prior to beginning this process, please download the Microsoft Authenticator App from the Apple app store or Google play store depending on your smart device.
Step 1. Access your preferred MFA options:  

From a computer, visit and login with your Dominican email address and password. You may be required to answer a verification request before you can proceed. After successfully signing in, you should see a webpage where the methods of MFA for your Dominican account can be configured:

Please note: If you already see “Microsoft Authenticator” in the list of sign-in methods, skip to step four.


Step 2. Add a new Method 

  • Below the words “Default sign-in method:”, you will select the option “Add sign-in method

  • After you click Add sign-in method, a window with a drop-down box will appear and you will select “Authenicator App” and hit “Add



  • After selecting Add, you will be prompted to either download the Microsoft Authenticator app or use a 3rd party Authenticator app. Since you’ve already downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app, click “Next”.



  • Then, on your phone or device, open the Microsoft Authenticator app. On the app, select the plus sign “+



  • Then, select the option to add a new “Work or school account”, followed by “Scan QR code”.

  • Using the Microsoft Authenticator app (1), scan the QR code on your computer screen:


 Step 3. Verify your device 

Once the account is added to the authenticator app, click “Next” on your computer to be prompted for a push notification on your device. Enter the code provided into the push notification to complete the verification process. Once that is completed, you will receive a verification notification on the Microsoft site verifying approval.



Step 4. Verify your preferred method 

Now that you verified your device, on the main screen, you will select “Change” next to the “Default sign-in method

  • A window will pop up with drop down options and you will select “Microsoft Authenticator” or “App based authentication – notification”, and hit “Confirm”.


On your computer, you may now close the webpage. 

Congratulations! Your mobile phone is now set up to receive push notifications for multifactor authentication verification.

From now on, you will only receive verification requests on your smartphone when attempting to access Microsoft 365 resources (email, OneDrive, etc.) or connect to the Dominican University VPN from off-campus.  
It is critical that you do not approve verification requests that you do not recognize.

If, after setting up MFA, you later decide to change your default notification method, visit:


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