Creative Cloud Named-User Licensing FAQ

Q: If I have a Creative Cloud subscription that is attached to a DU email address, can I still use this license, and will my existing content be safe?

A: Yes. Your Creative Cloud account can have both licenses, and existing content will not be changed.

Q: If I already have a paid subscription to Creative Cloud, can I cancel it and just use the DU issued license?

A: Yes. If you wish to save some $$$, and you have less than three months left on your paid plan, you can cancel your subscription without paying an early termination fee. Contact Adobe directly for more information.

Q: I sign-in to Creative Cloud using a non-DU email address. Can I switch the license to this other account?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your license to another account. You must use an account that uses your DU email address as the sign-in name. You will have the opportunity to create that DU-based account when accepting the license invitation.

Q: I’ve accepted the invitation and it’s asking me to sign-in to using my DU email address, but I’ve never used that account before with Adobe and don’t know the password.

A: Press “reset password” on the Adobe sign-in page and go through the steps to create a new password.

Q: Where can I install this software?

A: Anywhere that you like as long as it is not running on more than 2 machines at once! If you are logged into Creative Cloud on more than 2 machines, you’ll simply be prompted to select which machine to log out of before proceeding.

Q: I’ve just signed-in to Creative Cloud on a classroom computer and it is telling me that I only have a trial license.

A: Make certain that you have accepted the Creative Cloud license invitation that you received in your email. Also, make certain that you have signed into Creative Cloud using your DU email address as the sign-in name. 

Q: I did not receive the emailed enrollment welcome message.

A: Be sure to check your junk mail, or if you use the Focused inbox, be sure to check “Other”. If you do not see the message in either of these locations, contact your instructor for further assistance.

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