2021-2022 Parking Permit FAQ

Application Process

What if I decide to wait to submit my application, am I guaranteed a parking permit? I am concerned that they may all sell-out.

While permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, it is very unlikely that we will reach our parking capacity because of the reduction to face-to-face classes and events happening on campus.

Is it possible to submit the application before paying?

No, you will need to successfully make a payment before submitting your parking permit application. 

The good news, you can start your application and it will SAVE as you go! Thus, if you decide to wait on the payment piece for a later date, you can easily return to your parking application and pick-up where you left off.

What are the 2021-2022 parking permit validation dates?

The 2021-2022 parking permits are active from August 30, 2021 until September 1, 2022.

Oh-no! I made a mistake on my parking permit application and need to update it, what should I do?

Connect with us at parking@dom.edu with an explanation of what needs to be updated and we will make the change on our end.

What if my vehicle information recently changed?

Simply send us a message at parking@dom.edu with your new vehicle information - make, model, color, year and license plate number - so we can update your parking permit application.


I have successfully made a payment through CashNet for my parking permit but cannot seem to locate my e-receipt? What should I do?

First, check your clutter, junk or spam folders. If after tirelessly searching without any luck in locating it, email us at parking@dom.edu and we can assist you with confirming the receipt number and the amount you paid.

Will I be eligible for a partial refund for last year's parking permit (2020-2021) as my courses were taught online? 

While we are not able to provide a partial refund for your 2020-2021 parking permit, the upside, the new annual 2021-2022 commuter student parking permit remains the same amount - $25.00. Our decision to maintain the annual parking fee for 2021-2022 does account for the the decreased need to park on campus because of limited in-person classes and student engagement/events. 

Can the cost of the parking permit be added to my student account?

Not at this time. Parking permits are independent of your tuition expenses and must be paid separately.

Annual General Parking

Who can apply for Annual General Parking?

Any current member of the DU community who is not a resident student. In other words, commuter students, faculty and staff members. At this time, parking permits are not available for the community at large or alumni.

When can I access on-campus parking with an Annual General permit?

The Annual General permits are good to park on campus every day from 6:00 am to 2:00 am.

What if I need to have my vehicle parked on-campus overnight?

Please connect with Campus Safety at safety@dom.edu to discuss your overnight parking request. All vehicles parked overnight from 2am to 6am with an Annual General parking permit need a special temporary parking pass from Campus Safety.

If I only have one class on campus meeting once a week, will I need to purchase an annual general parking pass?

Yes, a parking permit would be required to park at the Main or Priory campus even if it's for a short period of time or once a week. We have already reduced the cost of the annual parking permit this year in half - originally $50 as we recognize that there might be a decreased need to park on campus because of limited in-person classes and student engagement/events. 

Nearby residential street parking is available free of charge; however, please be advised of permitted areas and/or time limitations - always review the nearby signs. Additionally, street parking is not always a guarantee.

If all my classes are online for the fall, should I wait to get my parking permit or would you recommend that I secure one now?

Yes, parking permits will be available for you to purchase in Spring 2022! Feel free to postpone completing the online parking application and online payment until you are ready and in need of on-campus parking. Historically, Main/Priory annual parking permits are available throughout the year. 

The upside to getting the annual permit now include:

  • convenience of receiving your new permit in the mail;
  • the price remains the same whether or not you secure one now or later (the permit fee is not prorated);
  • one less thing to do - if you were to visit campus for whatever reason in the fall, you wouldn't have visit one of our WID locations to request for a daily temporary parking pass; and
  • piece of mind - you can check this off your list!

Resident Parking

I am a resident student and scheduled to move-in before the August 27 pick-up date, will my vehicle receive a parking citation?

No. Parking citations by Campus Safety officers will not occur until aft the Labor Day holiday. You will have the opportunity to pick up your residential parking permit starting on Friday, August 27 in the Coughlin Commons.

Why have the cost for annual general parking been reduced whereas the resident parking permit remains the same?

We recognize that those with annual general parking permits may be spending less time on campus while engaged in remote learning or work. Whereas, the residential experience remains the same and the residential parking permit allows 24/7 around the clock access to Dominican University parking lots for your vehicle.

Can I park anywhere on the Main campus?

Yes, during the day time (6:00 am to 2:00 am) you can park at the Main campus. Overnight parking must be in the East Lot.

I am a new residential student with a previous Annual General commuter parking permit from the Fall semester? How do I get a Residential parking permit and what would the cost be?

To secure a residential parking permit, it will require a the following:

  1. Pay the difference for a Residential parking permit – $75 online (Adjust the price from $100 to $75) or in-person at the Stars Connect office, Lewis Hall 115. Unfortunately, the Residential parking permits are not prorated; however, you can deduct the $25.00 that you paid for Annual General permit from the total cost.
  2. Visit our Campus Safety office located in the Parking Garage (M-F from 8:30a to 4:30pm) to exchange your Annual General permit (the one you currently have) for a Residential permit. Be sure to have your Star Card and receipt (electronic or print) to show to the Campus Safety Officer.

Pick-up Distribution

What are the locations on campus where I can pick-up my parking permit?

Several of the Welcome and Information Desks (WID) and other possible campus partners will serve as pick-up locations. It is our hope that you will not have to travel too far to pick up your parking permit. Exact locations and times will be confirmed mid-August. Again, parking permits will be available starting on Monday, August 16 for pick-up on campus.

How does the pick-up process work? What do I need at the time that I request for my parking permit?

In order to receive a parking permit from one of our participating pick-up locations, you will need to first complete a payment (online via Transact or in-person at Stars Connect, Lewis 115) and parking permit application. Once those two things are accomplished, have your campus ID ready and a printout or your e-receipt available on your phone to show proof of purchase.

That is it. As long as you have paid and submitted you application ahead of time, the pick-up process for your permit will only require a few moments of your time – promise!


Have a question that is not answered here, email us at parking@dom.edu.


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