How to Upload a Photo to ID Credential Center

Step 1
  • Launch ID Credential Center
  • Create the users record by entering the following:
    1. Last name, First name and Middle name if applicable (Case Requestor's Name)
    2. Dominican Email Address (Case Requestor's Email Address)
    3. Jenzabar ID (Title of Case)
    4. Star Card Type (Student)

Step 2
  • Go to the Badge tab and select Modify and then Capture

Step 3
  • Select File Import from the Capture Source in the upper left-hand corner 
  • Select Browse from the File I/0 Settings section in the upper right-hand corner

Step 4
  • Navigate to the folder where the photo to upload is located, select it

Step 5
  • Select the Open button on the bottom right

Step 6
  • Click on the photo you want to upload and select Open
Step 7
  • Crop the image if needed and select OK

Step 8 
  • Select OK on the bottom left


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