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Appeal a Parking Ticket

The parking ticket appeal form is used to notify Campus Safety of a disagreement with the issuance of a ticket.


Community Parking Application (Priory Campus Only)

Community Parking permits are available to the public in the Priory East Lot. The Welcome and Information Desk (WID) handles all administrative aspects of the parking program and will operate in accordance with parking policies and citations observed at Dominican University.
*Not available on the main campus.

Current Policy Submission


Design Intake Form


Event Report

Event Reports are to be submitted for all In person or online events.


Inquire About Available Equipment

Place an inquiry for your equipment needs. The Equipment Loan Program is intended for educational use only to aid in projects, presentations and the delivery of academic material.


Locker Request

This service is used to request a Dominican University locker


NDA - Review and Accept the Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement Terms and Conditions

All Dominican University associates, consultants, contractors, and guests must be read and agree to the terms of the Information Technology Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and DU IT policies.


Report a Canvas Issue

Report a Canvas related issue.

Report a Classroom Equipment Issue

Report an issue with equipment in a classroom.

Report a Computer Issue

Report an issue with using a desktop computer or laptop.

Report a DU Issued Mobile Phone Issue

Report an issue with a DU Issued Mobile Phone

Report a Laptop Computer Issue

Report laptop computer related issues.

Report a Microsoft Surface Issue

Report an issue with a Microsoft Surface.

Report a Network Connection Issue

Report an issue with connecting to our wired or wireless network.

Report a Panopto Issue

Report a Panopto related issue.

Report a Parking Permit Request Issue

Report an issue with applying for a parking permit.  

All other parking permit related issues should be reported to Campus Safety here:

Report a Printing or Scanning Issue

Report a printing or scanning related issue

Report a Rise Vision Issue

Report an issue with an Enplug device.

Report a Software issue

Report software related issues

Report a Tablet Issue

Report an issue with using a tablet device.

Report a Television Service Issue

Report an issue with the university television service.

Report a Web Applications Issue

Report a Zoom Video Conferencing Issue

Report any Zoom video conferencing related issues.

Report an Email Issue

Report an issue with a Dominican email account ending in or

Report an Issue with Access or a Login Account

Report an issue with a Dominican login account or access associated to a Dominican login account.

Report an Issue with Loan Equipment or a Late Return

Report an Issue with equipment loaned out from the equipment loan program or report a late return.

Report an Office 365 Issue

Report an Office 365 related issue.

Report or Request a Telephone or Voicemail Issue

Report an issue with a university telephone or voicemail system.

Request a Classroom Equipment Delivery

Dominican University classrooms have built-in technology, however if you are in need of equipment beyond what is installed, other equipment can be provided by placing a classroom equipment request.

Request a Dominican University ID (Star Card)

It's Your Official Campus ID Card

Dominican University issues each student, employee and affiliated guest an identification card that includes their name and image, referred to as a Star Card. The Star Card serves an identification card; an electronic key card controlling access to residence halls and other buildings, the Library, facilities, and staff office buildings; and DU Dollars which can be used to purchase goods and services at select locations on campus.

Convenient: For dining and a growing list of other services on campus.
Fast: With exact change every time, the Star Card is even faster than cash or credit!
Safe: Was your Star Card lost or stolen? No problem! Use the website and notify us. Stop by the Support Center and we'll issue you a new card.

Request a Driving Test to Drive University Vehicles

Submit a request to be approved to drive university vehicles.

Request a Non-Dominican Employee Be Added to Jenzabar

Submit a request for a non-Dominican employee to be added to the Jenzabar system

Request a Parking Permit

Request a Parking Permit for the semester or the year.

Request a Printing Account

Request a printing account be created for a Department, Committee or Student Organization

Request a Printing Refund

Request a refund for a print job or printing funds that were not added from the print kiosk

Request a Setup for an Event

Request a Temporary Guest Parking Pass

Temporary Guest Parking Pass are available to drivers with a valid permit to use an alternate vehicle when their vehicle is unavailable in order to park on Dominican University property.  They are also available for visitors to use when there is no parking available in the Visitors Circle or they are on campus for more than two hours. Please allow 24 hours after placing a support ticket request to receive electronic temporary parking permits.

Request a University Vehicle

Only Dominican University staff or faculty may reserve vehicles. University vehicles are available for official Dominican University business including class outings, athletic team transportation and university-recognized organization outings

Request Access to a Network File/Drive

Access request to a departmental file/drive.

Request Account Credentials

For faculty, staff, and students that are experiencing issues receiving their welcome email credentials.

Request Addition to Printer Account

Submit a request to add a user to a department or organization printing account

Request an Event/Meeting Equipment Delivery

Dominican University provides equipment delivery services and equipment loan to support Events and Meetings. Equipment for an Event or Meeting can be provided by placing an Event/Meeting equipment request.

Request an IT Equipment Purchase

Request new equipment replacements or equipment replacements.

Request Campus Safety Support

Submit a request to Campus Safety for fixing or resolving an issue with a service. Our service level agreement is to respond to your request within 48 business hours and close all requests within 5 business days - though we strive to close cases quicker than this timeline.

Request Carpentry Support

Submit a carpentry related request

Request Clock Support

Submit a support request related to clocks on campus

Request Content Addition/Edits to

Submit a request to add, edit or remove content on

Request Site Maintenance Access

Request access to to maintain a web page.

Request Door Support

Submit a door related support request

Request Electrical Support

Submit an electrical related request

Request Elevator Support

Submit an elevator related request

Request Equipment Removal

Request to have equipment removed from an office or classroom.

Request Extermination Support

Submit an extermination related request.

Request Housekeeping Support

Submit a housekeeping related request

Request HVAC Support

Submit a HVAC related request

Request Information Technology Support

Submit a request for any service not found above.

Request Installation Support

Submit an installation related request

Request Institutional Data

Once a request is submitted with all the required fields completed, please allow up to 10 business days for processing and verification. In some cases training may be required before access is granted.

Request Izenda Support

Request Jenzabar Access

Access request for the Jenzabar information system including EX, MyDU & Izenda.

Request Jenzabar Support

Report a Jenzabar related issue.

Request Kitchen Appliance Support

Submit a kitchen appliance related request

Request Lighting Support

Submit a lighting related request

Request Marketing and Communications Support

Submit a request to the Office of Marketing and Communications for fixing or resolving an issue with a service. Our service level agreement is to respond to your request within 48 business hours. We will schedule an appointment for you with a project manager and designer, if needed, to initiate a project.

Request Move/Delivery Support

Submit a move or delivery related request

Request MyDU Support

Request Network Port Activation

To enable a wired port, complete the network port activation request.

Request No Ticketing

Request No Ticketing on campus.

Request Office Furniture Support

Submit an office furniture related request

Request or Renew a Sponsored Guest Account

Sponsored guest accounts provide access to network resources, or application-level access for associates, consultants, contractors, or guests of Dominican University. Account or access requests require a University sponsor (head of business unit, department, faculty, administration, etc.) and granted for persons for official university business.

Request Outlook Calendar Support

Request Painting Support

Submit a painting related request

Request Physical Plant Support

Submit a request to Physical Plant for fixing or resolving an issue with a service. Our service level agreement is to respond to your request within 48 business hours and close all requests within 5 business days - though we strive to close cases quicker than this timeline.

Request Plumbing Support

Submit a plumbing related request

Request Qualtrics Support

Request Server or File Storage Support

Report an issue with a server or file storage.

Request Support for Locks and Keys

Submit a lock related request

Request Support for Other Physical Plant Needs

Submit a request to Physical Plant for an uncategorized work order. Our service level agreement is to respond to your request within 48 business hours and close all requests within 5 business days - though we strive to close cases quicker than this timeline.

Request to Relocate a Desktop Off-Campus

Request to take a Dominican owned desktop computer off-campus.

Request Training

Information Technology offers a wide variety of training on equipment and software.

Request VPN Access

VPN (Virtual Private Network) requests for connecting to Dominican's services from off-campus.

Request Window Support

Submit a window related request

Requests or Edit Event Setups

Submit a completed Event Request Form, or request edits to an existing Salesforce event setup.

Reset Password

MyAccount, is Dominican Universities self-service password reset tool. MyAccount provides self-service access to reset and unlock your password, even after password expiration.

Review and Accept the Network Risk and Liability Release Agreement

Dominican University makes no warranties, service, or security guarantees with respect to the
University’s Network and Internet service, and it specifically assumes no responsibilities for any data or
communications the below signee transmits while connected to the Dominican University network.


Short-Term Login Request

A Short-Term Login is used to access University workstations and applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel. A Short-Term Login account is meant to be used for visitors of the University who are attending/participating in an event or meeting.

Submit a Request/Report a Live Chat Issue

Submit a request/report an issue related to the live chat on

Submit a Request/Report an Issue Related to

Report issues or request support with a web page.

Submit an ID Card (Star Card) Photo

Submit a personal photo to be used as your official Dominican ID Card (Star Card) photo.

Submit an Officer Commendation or Complaint

Have you had a great experience with a safety offer? Do you think a safety officer could have handled a situation differently? Let us know.


Virtual Event Support Request

Submit a request to hold a Virtual Event.


Wedding Ceremony Date Request

Submit a request to hold a Wedding Ceremony on the Dominican University campus.