What to Do When an Incoming Student Ask for Their Network ID and Dominican Email

First confirm if the client has a Dominican email and Network ID in myDu.


If they do, create a ticket stating they have not received their Welcome letter. Use the form "Account Credentials not Recived."

You will need to know their:

  • First and last name
  • ID number
  • Personal email address on file
  • Contact number
  • Account type

NOTE: If the client is in the Support Center physically and have a valid photo ID, then you can tell them their account information and walk them through the password reset process. If they are not physically there, then they must wait until they receive a response through the ticket.


If they do not have a Dominican email or Network ID in myDu, then you should reach out to the client and verify if the person is an undergrad or a graduate student.

If they are an undergraduate student and have not registered for SOAR, then they will not have an account created until they register. Accounts are created the next morning after they register.

If they need to register for SOAR, then you can direct them to the following link:


For graduate students, their account is created two days after they are accepted.

If the student meets one of these requirements and still hasn't received their Welcome Email then direct them to submit a ticket or submit it for them:


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