Data Loss Prevention with Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Protection

Data Loss Prevention monitoring and policies are in place to help protect against unencrypted emails containing PII being sent from Dominican University accounts. Data loss prevention policies monitor for email messages attempting to send with PII and if flagged, you will receive a message that the attempted email was blocked due to the data loss prevention policy. If the email was flagged incorrectly as containing PII, you may have the option to bypass the policy and precede with sending your email.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are protecting PII, however, you will have the option to bypass this warning if a false-positive was identified. If the email is flagged at containing a high volume of PII, you will not be allowed to bypass the policy and that email will be fully blocked. If you are unable to send a message that is flagged incorrectly, please contact the Support Center for assistance. An example of the data loss prevention policy flagging PII would look similar to the following:


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