Secure Transfer - Email Encryption

Email Encryption

At any time users are required to send sensitive or private information by email, encryption must be applied. To send an encrypted email or file from a Dominican University email account, visit and login.

The securetransfer system will appear as the following:

When sending email or files, these are the steps and options available:

  1. Select recipients in the same way as a web based email system, please select To, CC and BCC email addresses to your recipients.
  2. Type the Subject and Message to your recipients.
  3. Add Files, you can add files up to the max size displayed in the limitations.
  4. When you're ready, please hit Send. If uploads are taking a long time, you can check the checkbox to "send when uploads are done".
  5. If you have sent any files previously, you can send them again without uploading them again.
  6. Pool files are files that an administrator can make available for groups of users that they send repeatadly, like a large companywide presentation and similar.
  7. Select Download Permission for your recipients. See the Forwarding Permissions section for a complete description.
  8. When the message expires. After this day, the attached files will be deleted.
  9. If set, each recipient can only download each file this number of times. If the download permission is set to "Anyone", each download by anyone is counted towards the limit.
  10. Send a copy to your own email address (for storage in your sent folder).
  11. A Private Message is a message where the Message is not included in the email sent to the recipients. When sending a Private Message:
    • The recipients will get a generic email telling them to click on the link to view the message.
    • You will get a read receipt when the recipient has viewed the message as well as when any attachments has been downloaded.
    • You can send a Private Message without any attachments.
    • It's not possible to send a Private Message with the permission that Anyone can download — in order to send a Private Message, authentication is required.
  12. Limitations — Message Size, Quota and File Extension Limitations.


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