How do I take an online quiz in Canvas that requires the LockDown Browser?

Your instructor may have informed you that online quizzes in your Canvas course will require the use of the LockDown Browser.  

If your instructor is administering the online quiz in a Dominican computer lab, unless otherwise informed you will not have to do anything:  the LockDown Browser is installed in all Dominican labs.

If, however, your instructor is having you take the online quiz on your own laptop, you MUST download the LockDown Browser before taking the quiz.  You will not be able to start the quiz without it.  The LockDown Browser is a special web browser that prevents you from opening other windows on your computer, printing it out, or switching between open applications.  It is very easy to install, though you must be an administrator on your own computer to install it.  You can download it onto the laptop you will be using in your class by following this link. This software link is only valid for Dominican University's Canvas system; it cannot be used elsewhere. Computer system requirements--which are pretty minimal--are listed on the Respondus site.

Additional information can be found in the PDF guide linked at the bottom of this article.  There is also an overview video available here. (Note that Dominican does NOT have a license to the webcam product mentioned in the second half of this video or within the PDF document, called Respondus Monitor.)

Once you have completed taking the online quiz in Canvas, you can close the LockDown Browser program.  It should not be used for any other web-based activities.

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