How to remove and re-add Exchange Account from iOS – MFA for Office 365

How to remove and re-add Exchange Account from iOS – MFA for Office 365

When enabling MFA for Office 365, iOS devices using the built in mail application will often require a removal and re-addition of the Dominican Email account from the phone in order to sync data. This applies to devices running iOS 11 and above. Note: a prompt for MFA will only occur while off-campus (while off of DU network).

Steps for removal:

1. On your iOS device, tap to open the Settings app.

2. Tap on Passwords & Accounts.

3. Tap on your Dominican email account, commonly named Exchange.

4. At the bottom, Tap on Delete Account

If you have not already set up the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone, then this would be the time to do so. Visit the instructions to complete MFA setup at the following link and then continue below with the re-addition of your DU email account.

MFA setup:


Steps for re-add:

1. Upon successful deletion of your Exchange account, you will be returned to the list of your accounts. From this menu, tap on Add Account.

2. Tap Microsoft Exchange

3. Enter your credentials, tap Next, and when prompted, you MUST select Sign In.


4. If you are off-campus, you will get prompted to approve or deny the request on your Microsoft authenticator App. Depending on which method of authentication you chose above you will either get a push notification (depicted below) or a 6-digit code. The Push notification is commonly used for easy access.

5. Once you have approved the request you can check the box so you don’t get prompted for 60 days. Otherwise, the next time you are off the Dominican Network you may need to approve the request again.

6. The last step is to select which items you would like to sync on your phone. After making your selections, click save



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