VPN with 2-Factor Authentication Information

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The Dominican University VPN (virtual private network) allows faculty and staff to securely access our intranet while off campus.

Dominican University VPN

Step 1: VPN Permissions (required for first time setup only)

To request VPN access for the first time, complete the Request VPN Access Form. Once the Support Center has confirmed and completed your access, follow the instructions below to setup and log in.

Step 2: VPN client installation (required for first time setup only)

You must have one of the following VPN clients installed on your computer for the remote VPN connection. There are different VPN client options for Windows or Mac OS.

On installation, it is highly recommended that you have administrator rights on the computer. If the computer is owned by Dominican University and you are unable to install the client, please contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888.

  • For Windows, click to download the NetExtender Windows Client from the right side of this page and complete the installation on your computer.
  • For Mac and IOS devices, review the detailed "Installing Mobile Connect Mac" instructions from the right side of this page and then visit the download link for "SonicWall Mobile Connect here" for the installation from the Apple App store. From the App store search for "SonicWall Mobile Connect".
  • For Android devices, visit the "Mobile Connect for Android client" to download from the Google Play store.

Step 3: Setting up VPN 2-Factor Authentication (required for first time setup only)

  • From off campus visit https://remoteaccess.dom.edu and login. You’ll see a QR code for 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Record and keep in a safe place the Emergency Scratch Code listed on the screen (it is the only way to login if the mobile device is lost or reset).
  • You must download and install the free Microsoft Authenticator app on your smart phone. Search for “Microsoft Authenticator” in your Apple or Google store to install.
  • Now run the MS Authenticator app on your smart phone and advance to the screen 'set up a work or school account.' Use the button option to scan a QR code and then use your smart phone to scan the QR code on your computer's display. This will create an account called SNWL (SonicWall) on the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone.  The app will now receive a new 6-digit code every 30 seconds. Enter whatever current code appears in the app in the box on the web portal labelled '2FA code', click continue, then log out on the next screen.  Close the browser. Your phone is now associated with Dominican University’s VPN firewall.

Step 4: Logging into your VPN (Windows - NetExtender) connection

  • From your computer, launch NetExtender, enter your information as pictured below (the server is remoteaccess.dom.edu and the domain is dom.edu), including your username and password, then click connect. You should then be prompted to enter a 2FA code from your bind app.
  • Check the MS Authenticator app on your smart phone for the 6-digit code, enter it into NetExtender and gain access to the network.


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